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2008 NCT Results

After a year-long competition originating at their home campuses, the Strong 64 journeyed to Orlando, FL to participate in the 18th annual National Championship Tournament.

The 64 teams are divided into 8 divisions to compete in a round robin preliminary competition. In each round robin division, each of the 8 teams play every other team (7 matches are played by each team). From there the top two teams in each division advance to the Playoffs.




Round Robin Leader Board Scores (printable pdf) HCASC School History
Scores By Division (printable pdf) Team Stats (printable pdf) NCT History (searchable)
Team Stats By Division (printable pdf) Team Standings (printable pdf) NCT Player Archives (searchable)
Team Standings By Division (printable pdf) Player Stats (sortable) NCT Player Stats (searchable)
Player Stats By Division (printable pdf) Player Stats (printable pdf)
Team Results (printable pdf) Sweet 16 Tournament Chart

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