National Qualifying Tournaments FAQ

75% of the teams for the NCT are determined based on their performance at the National Qualifying Tournaments. The remaining 25% are selected to balance the field and ensure that HBCUs have an NCT experience at least every few years.

Why the change?

To put an emphasis on preparation and performance. It's a bit of "back to the future," when teams for the NCT qualified at Sectional Tournaments.

What is the National Qualifying Tournament format?

The NQT format is round robin in groups of 5 teams, randomly drawn. Each team plays all the competitors in their division, 4 games each.

The top 4 teams at each tournament advance to a single-elimination NQT playoff.

When & where will the National Qualifying Tournaments be held?

You choose which tournament you wish to attend and register online.. Host site capacities vary from 1 - 2 rooms, accommodating 5 or10 teams respectively. The NQTs will be held . Locations and fees will be announced in the fall.

How does NQT registration work?

NQT registration reserves a slot at the NQT of your choice. You do not name the players on your team until NCT Part 2 Qualification.

You must bring your NCT team to the NQT. After the NQT, you may make player changes. There are provisions for you to bring Institutional Extras to the NQTs at a nominal per person fee.

Can we bring a B-Team?

These tournaments are for your NCT team. When you register for an NQT, you may request a B-Team slot should one exist at the tournament of your choice. B-Teams will only be used to fill out the field for an NQT and will not be confirmed until the NCT Part 2 Qualification deadline (1/24/2023).

How will teams for the NCT be determined?

Only teams who complete NCT Qualification Part 1 and Part 2 are eligible. Attendance at a National Qualifying Tournament is mandatory.

Three groups of teams from the NQTs will advance to the NCT:

Automatically Advancing Teams: The top teams at each NQT, as determined by the results of the NQT playoffs:
1 division tournaments will advance 1 team automatically (playoff winner)
2 division tournaments will advance 2 teams automatically (playoff winner and runner-up)
3 division tournaments will advance 3 teams automatically (playoff winner, runner-up and 3rd place team. 3rd place is the highest scoring team of the 2 teams advancing to the playoffs in the only playoff game they play).

Performance Advancing Teams: After the automatically advancing teams, the round robin performance of all remaining teams will be evaluated across all NQTs. This formula takes into consideration win-loss record, points scored and strength of field.

Other Advancing Teams: The final 25% of teams advancing will be selected.

Teams advancing to the NCT will be announced 10-14 days after the NQTs.