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Honda Campus All-Star Challenge
College Bowl Company
5950 Canoga Ave., Suite 325
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800-388-2272/818-610-8236 (Voice)
206-309-0442 (Fax to submit HCASC forms)
818-610-8229 (General Fax)

Click on the email address from the list below to send an email message. If you are unsure as to who should get your message, use the "General Info" address. We will respond in 2 working days except during peak times. Thank-you!

Richard Reid Co-Founder, Honda Campus All-Star Challenge, President and Program Executive Producer
Lillian E. Parker
Senior Program Manager
Courtne Jones
Program Manager
Tom Cunningham
Director of Production
Amy Seastone
Senior Administration Manager
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Who writes the questions?

The College Bowl Company staff writes and researches thousands of questions for the annual competitions.

The attention to detail (the facts need to be correct!) insures the integrity of the competition and creates a serious challenge for the players.

What's it like to work for College Bowl Company?

"Working for College Bowl is both a continuation of a passion that I developed as a player as well as a point of personal satisfaction in serving the HBCU community."

Tom Cunningham
Florida A&M University