Engaging Students

Finding, recruiting and sustaining players involvement in your HCASC program takes work! Successful coaches tell us that they spend 50% of their time on those tasks, allocating the remaining 50% of their time to training and preparation.

Here are some thoughts to help you in your quest for a strong HCASC Club and the perfect HCASC team:

Where to Look for Players

Student Orientation
Student Union
The Caf
Honor Societies
Frats & Sororities
TV Lounges
Campus-wide events
Ask faculty for nominations
Students recruiting students

Looking for Players
Good Players

What Makes a Good Player

Knowledgeable in many areas
Excells at quick recall
Good eye-hand-brain coordination
An active reader & learner
Works well in a group
Works hard & completes tasks on time
Positive attitude & enthusiastic
Self-aware & self-confident
Able to make the time commitment
Secure in their academic progress

What Skills are Required

Mastery of the game rules
Ability to play different question formats
Knowing how to pick categories
Ability to use strategy in the game
Good buzzer reflexes
Clock management skills

Required SKills
Knowledge Required

What Knowledge is Required

Strong knowledge in 5+ content areas
Medium knowledge in 5+ content areas
Small knowledge in other content areas

Keeping Players Engaged

Finding the right group of students to work with is only the beginning of a coach's journey to the NCT. Successful coaches keep participation rewarding and fun to keep the students involved over the course of the season.

Creating an HCASC Club fosters a sense of community, shared goals and facilitates a regular schedule of interaction, practice and preparation. Create opportunities for bonding, whether it be going to a movie or bowling, having a meal together or challenging each other watching Jeopardy!

Students today are busy and can be easily distracted. Keep in contact with the players, especially if they miss a session. Be aware of students schedules including work and other extra-curricular activities.