Grants from Honda

Grants are provided to all institutions who complete NCT Part 1 Qualification.

The HBCUs which complete NCT Part 1 Qualification, but do not advance to the NCT receive a $1,000 grant as a Campus Qualifier.

For schools advancing to the National Championship, the amount of the grant is determined by how far its team advances at the NCT. As of the 2021-2022 season, the allocation of grants within the "tournament ladder" is:

  • ROUND ROBIN: Teams eliminated receive $3,000 each. At this point, the final 16 teams advance to the "Super Sixteen"
  • PLAY-OFFS QUALIFIERS: 8 teams eliminated receive $6,000 each
  • QUARTER FINALISTS: 4 teams eliminated receive $10,000 each
  • SEMI FINALISTS: 2 teams eliminated receive $20,000 each
  • RUNNER-UP: receives $30,000
  • CHAMPION: receives $75,000
  • ALL-STARS: 8 institutions receive $2,000 each
  • SPECIAL AWARD: 1 institution receives $2,000 for sportsperson

Grants are distributed to the HBCUs (i.e.: not to the players and coach).

Grant objectives:

To expand students’ knowledge, and to improve the quality of their lives

To upgrade institutional resources

To upgrade and retrofit the physical campus

Grant use examples:

Institutional Capital Campaign

Presidential Scholarship Fund

Purchase of Equipment

Purchase of books or subscriptions for the library or the student body