Running a Campus Tournament

There are 10 steps to ensuring that you have a successful tournament:

  1. Select a date for the campus tournament, between October 1 and the end of November.
  2. Decide the number of teams you can accommodate, a minimum of 8 teams if you plan to qualify using the campus tournament.
  3. Develop a promotion plan:
    -- To give HCASC wide visibility on campus
    -- To recruit players & teams
    -- To recruit game officials
  4. Implement promotion using the HCASC promo templates and social media tips.
  5. Send letters to faculty & students groups to recruit players and game officials. Conduct player and team sign-ups.
  6. Reserve rooms and equipment for the tournament.
  7. Train game officials (moderator, scorer and optional reset/announcer). Run practice games.
  8. During the week before the tournament:
    -- Enter players for the tournament into the Game Play Database
    -- Print 2 copies of the Categories Sheets for each game you will play
    -- Make team & player nameplates
    -- Print copies of the tournament chart and game rules
    -- Double-check all arrangements
    -- Make sure the game room set-up is correct
  9. Run the tournament. Have fun!
  10. Congratulate the teams and thank the game officials using HCASC certificates and thank-you lettter templates.