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28 years ago, Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC), the HBCU National Quiz Championship, was established to showcase the academic excellence of HBCU students. Over 125,000 students have participated. HCASC is a great game and much more: players widen their scope of knowledge, learn teamwork, sportsmanship, travel and represent their schools, become friends with school officials, including presidents, bond with their fellow competitors and develop relationships that make them, as our motto says, “Friends for Life.” These friends form a vast network of support during their school days and beyond.

Honda supports HBCUs because of their unique and critical role in higher education, helping millions of students achieve their dreams. That aligns with Honda's guiding philosophy, "The Power of Dreams."

More than $8 million in grants from Honda have provided support for scholarships, facilities upgrades and other investments to improve the student experience.  

HCASC alumni span the globe. Their career paths are varied: they are doctors, teachers, lawyers, community builders, scientists, professors, architects, researchers, writers, journalists, military and government officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, economists, musicians and more. They share an enthusiasm for learning and have put their education to good use.

NEW! Honda Announces Internship Opportunity for HCASC Players

Honda is proud to announce a special opportunity for students who participate in the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge (HCASC). Up to four HCASC participants will be selected for a summer 2017 internship in Torrance, California. This is a paid internship with housing benefits.

This internship outreach extends Honda’s relationship with the HBCUs and their students, and advances Honda’s desire for increased corporate diversity. Students selected will be matched with a department suited to their skills and career aspirations, and will gain valuable work experience in a corporate environment.

Click for more information on the internships.

The HCASC Year

HCASC is a year-round program which engages 10,000 students a year in the persuit of academic excellence in a fierce HBCU competition.
Summer The HCASC season begins when students first arrive on campus. New students are introduced to HCASC during orientation, and when returning students arrive, recruitment is in full swing.
Fall Power Search quizzes are given all across campus wherever students learn, gather, study and live, to help identify academic superstars. Next, HBCUs hold campus tournaments and/or form HCASC Clubs. Regular practice sessions commence, with an emphasis on knowledge acquisition and team building.
Winter In December, the coach selects the varsity team. In January, it's practice, practice, practice. In February, teams attend one of eight official National Qualifying Tournaments (NQTs). After the NQTs, 48 teams are selected to advance to the Nationsl Championship Tournament.

The National Championship Tournament (NCT) is held in April at Honda Headquarters in Torrance, California. Over 100 volunteers, including 50 Honda associates, serve as game officials, conduct registration and mentor the students. Many HBCU Presidents attend to support their team.

Attention HCASC Alumni

We're calling on HCASC Player Alumni to update their online profile. Log In at the top of the page to stay in touch with your "Friends For Life"! We want to hear about your achievements, and what you are up to.

Follow HCASC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for regular updates. Join the HCASC=HCASC Excellence group on Facebook to dialog in real time with current and former HCASC competitors.

Check out the HCASC Alumni Hall of Fame and nominate former players. This award is not about how a player's performance in the game. Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is a reflection of how a an alumnus' life has progressed since their playing days. We look for HCASC Alumni whose achievements are noteworthy, in their chosen career, and giving back/being a part of society, be it their local community, and/or to their HBCU. DEADLINE: December 9th.


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