Game Play Database

Version 9 of the Game Play Database includes:

  • 10 Power Search quizzes and answer sheets
  • 25 refreshed games from 2012 & 2013 seasons (games from the prior years are re-booked so that the categories will not be the same as they were previously. Additionally, new questions are inserted and facts are updated.)
  • 12 new games for use in your campus tournament and/or for practice with your HCASC club
  • Drills for team practice sessions

If you are serious about producing a winning team, consider this: playing games is not the only way to prepare; in fact it is not even the best method to train players early in the season.

The effective sequence is: acquire knowledge, drill, acquire more knowledge and then drill some more. Only then should you start regularly playing games. At that point, playing games is both a reward, and a test of skills.

The Game Play Database is a Microsoft Access run-time application for the PC platform. You must have a PC laptop with an extra desktop-type monitor. The program won't run on a Mac unless there is a Windows partition.

You do not need to have Microsoft Access installed on your computer to run the application.

If you are not a regular database user don't worry! All the features are triggered by point and click actions. We will conduct Webinars to train you and other campus personnel on how to use the database. If you're computer-phobic, we recommend recruiting a student to help you.