NCT Player Eligibility

The following requirements are in effect for the 2023 - 2024 season.

  1. Each institution selects its Honda Campus All-Star Challenge NCT Team composed of four players.

  2. Only undergraduate students may be on the NCT team. Any student who has received a Bachelor's degree from any institution is considered a graduate student for the purposes of eligibility.

  3. Students must carry 7 credit hours per semester or the quarter equivalent. Registrar verification that a lower second semester course load completes all degree requirements is acceptable in lieu of the term credit requirement.

  4. Each member of the NCT Team must be registered in school for the terms during which any Campus and NCT matches are played in order to be eligible to compete.

  5. Each member of the NCT Team must meet one of these two requirements:
    a) Played in at least one campus tournament game during the current HCASC year.
    b) Taken a Power Search quiz and be a member of your HCASC Club.

  6. The composition of the NCT Team should reflect the diversity and history of the institution.

  7. All players are limited to four years of NCT play, regardless of institutional affiliation. This includes all play since the Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Campus Program began in 1989-90.

  8. Eligibility exceptions must be appealed to Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Headquarters directly.

  9. Institutions may add additional eligibility requirements by campus policy.